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Haas VF2

Job Finished

Haas VF22

Unexpected Downtime

Data Collection

Haas VF22

53 Parts Produced

Haas VF2

New Job Started

Precision MFG

Weekly Shop Report

Precision MFG

Daily Job Report

Last seen at 3:21AM

Haas VF2 Down

Haas VF2

Quality Check Needed

Haas VF2

5.3 Parts Per Hour

Outwork automates machine-data collection for machine shops, to power your shop with smarter quoting, scheduling, and production tracking

35 hrs, 21 mins

Total Runtime

35 hrs, 21 mins

Avg. Loadtime

Haas VF2

5 Hours of Downtime

Deploy in Minutes.
Start for Free

Deploying Outwork takes less than 15 minutes, starting at no cost.

Connect a Machine
Outwork collects data using industrial sensors, which are attached
magnetically to the outside of your machine.

Collect Data
Once connected, Outwork starts collecting data immediately -- Capturing runtimes, loadtimes, parts produced, and more.

Sync Your ERP
Outwork can also be connected to your ERP, to bring the benefits of data to your greater operations and existing workflows.

Get Realtime Updates from the Shop Floor

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Part Counter

See how many parts have been produced for each job.

Job Notifications

See when a job starts, is due for a part check, and when efficiency on a job drops. 

Leadtime Estimates

Get an estimate of when a job will
be done based on its current times and efficiency.

Job Reports

Get a full summary for each job run, including slowest loadtime, parts per hour, and more.

Downtime Notifications

Get notified about unexpected downtime and when loadtimes are longer
than expected. 

Weekly Reports

Get a summary of jobs that ran throughout the week.


See how efficiently each of your machines are being run.

Machine History

See past machine activity.

Get More Out of
Your ERP

Outwork connects to your ERP to bring to the benefits of data to your entire operations. 


Shop-Ready Security

Outwork was built with security for machine shops in mind, from the ground up -- From
ISO 9001 to AS9100 to ITAR compliance.

Compatible With Any
CNC Machine


Get Started For Free  

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