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Eliminate Unplanned

Get notified immediately about any delays on the
shop floor.

Unplanned Downtime
Slashes Profits

When you're busy managing your shop, it can be difficult to spot unplanned downtime — Whether it's due to a broken tool, scrap parts, or trouble setting up a machine.

But as every shop manager knows, just a few hours of downtime can be enough to throw off your lead times, quotes, and shop schedule.

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Get Notified Instantly
About Downtime

Outwork immediately notifies you when a machine unexpectedly stops running parts. Respond faster to delays in production and help problem-solve to prevent lost profits and longer lead times.

Deploy in Minutes

Deploying Outwork takes less than 15 minutes, starting at no cost. No credit card required.

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Outwork collects data using industrial sensors, which our technicians will attach magnetically to the outside of your machine.

Connect a Machine

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Once connected, Outwork starts collecting data immediately — Capturing runtimes, loadtimes, parts produced, and more.

Collect Data


Lastly, configure notifications for text or email.

Customize Notifications

Stay Connected to
the Shop Floor

Slow Setups

Get notified when one of your machinists runs into a problem while setting up their machine.

Scrapped Parts

Get notified if one of your machines stops due to scrapped parts.

Broken Tools

Get notified when a machine is stopped due to a broken and/or missing tool.

Unattended Machines

Get notified when a machine is idle and isn't being attended.

Help Your Machinists
Do Their Best Work

Outwork alerts you when one of your machinists might be stuck on a setup or while running parts, so you can offer help when needed.


Get Notifications How You Want

Receive notifications via text, email, or in the app. Keep everyone connected with unlimited users and devices.

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Connect Any
CNC Machine

Outwork works with any CNC machine, from vertical mills, to Swiss lathes, to punches.


Deploy in Under
15 Minutes

Outwork sensors are attached magnetically to the outside of your machine. That means no integrators or custom development.

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