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Collect Data With Confidence

Collect reliable production data.
No paper. No barcodes. No hassle.

Deploy Data Across Your Operations 

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Job Tracking

Outwork records job information through production.

Job Costing

Outwork calculates costs across the shop-floor.


Outwork keeps a 24 hour run log of your machines.


Build precise quotes using your shop's real-world data.


Outwork tracks uptime to provide insights into machine health.

No Barcodes.
No Hassle.

Reduce human error and manual data collection with one device.

Connect  and  Collect

Setup on any CNC machine in minutes

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Magnet Strip

Wifi Capabilities 

Power Source

Internal Sensor

Plug into any wall outlet. No hardwiring needed.

Machine data is communicated instantly. 

Magnetically connects
to the back of your machine.

Production data is collected through contact with your machine.



AS 9100 Shops

High Security 

Security is a top concern for shops serving the Aerospace industry.

The QuickConnect was built from the ground-up to maximize security. By operating on its own Wi-Fi network, and never directly integrating with your machine, you're guaranteed to stay compliant.

How It Works

Keep it simple with no hard-wiring.

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Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 1.41.04 PM.png

Magnetically mount to your CNC machine.
*No wired connection required

Run your parts.

View your
machine data
from anywhere.

Compatible With Any
CNC Machine

Deploy in minutes on
any CNC machine.

Get estimated lead times 

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Connect a  machine for free. 

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