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Put Your Data
to Work

Automatically collect and deploy machine-data across your operations for smarter quoting, scheduling, and production tracking

Connect. Collect.

2. Collect

Once connected, Outwork starts collecting data immediately -- Capturing runtimes, loadtimes, parts produced, and more.

1. Connect 

Outwork collects data using industrial sensors, which are attached magnetically to the outside of your machine.

3. Deploy

The data collected by Outwork enabled a number of powerful features, from realtime notifications, to job costing, to shop reports.

Manage Your Shop in Realtime with Shop Floor Notifications

New Job Started 
Get notified when a new job starts, with a breakdown of its runtime, loadtime, and efficiency.

Part Finish
Get notified when parts are finished on a machine.

Unexpected Downtime
Get notified if a machine goes down for an unexpected amount of time.

Low Efficiency
Get notified if parts are being produced slower than expected.

Part Checks
Get notified when a certain number of parts have finished.

Job Reports 
Get a detailed report for each job that runs, including its runtime, slowest loadtime, fastest loadtime, efficiency, and more.

Weekly Reports 
Get a summary of all jobs that ran during the week, along with where each active job is at in production.

Machine Status 
View the status of your machines in realtime.

Part Counter
See how many parts have been produced for each active or finished job.

Machine History
See past activity on your machines.

See how efficiently each active job is running.

Lead Time Estimates
See when your job is expected to be done, using that job's actual times and machine efficiencies.

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No Barcodes.
No Hassle

Outwork collects data automatically using sensors. No barcode scanners, paper travelers, or manual data input required.

Same Software, New Features

No need to learn a new software. Outwork connects to your current ERP, bringing the benefits of realtime data to your entire operations.

Automate Your Shop Starting at No Cost 

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